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ASP.NET MVC Client-side Resource Combine

June 26th, 2009 5 comments

ASP.NET MVC Client-side Resource Combine is another spin-off library from one of my current development projects. (The other is ASP.NET MVC Validation Library.) While the name is “resource combine”, this library actually does more than just combining client side resources including JavaScript and CSS. It allows you to organize resources into groups which will be combined, minified, compressed, and cached (at both client and server sides) together. While the library comes bundled with some routing and link utility to help developers easily integrate it into their ASP.NET MVC applications, there’s no reason why the library cannot be used with ASP.NET WebForms applications.

Refer to the project CodePlex page for detailed usage and binary/code download. The library uses the great YUI Compressor library for the minification part.

Hopes it helps!

Lost of posts & comments from 1/9/2009 to June/2009

June 26th, 2009 1 comment

Upon writing a new blog post today, I recognized an shocking truth: the provider hosting my blog during their database migration had somehow cleaned up all of my blog’s posts and comments dated after 1/8/2009. Since I trusted my provider in their infrastructure, I did not do the backup job well myself so I did not have anything to repopulate the database.

Luckily, Google’s cache made it possible for me to retrieve the text and posted them again with an adjusted timestamp. As for the comments, since there were many of them and yet not all of them could be found in Google’s cache, I had to leave them for now. Therefore, you won’t see any comments dated from 1/9/2009 to around June 2009 (when the migration occurred). My sincere apologies to those comments are lost due to this incidence. I myself feel very very bad about it. I will work with the host provider in a last attempt to find way to recover the comments. If that doesn’t turn out right, I will find a new provider. And I will surely backup my blog frequently in the future.

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