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Notify and Memento

July 14th, 2012 Comments off

Announcing my 2 new open-source .NET projects:

  • Notify: data-binding change tracking library
  • Memento: lightweight undo framework

I still work on Bike, Combres, and Fasterflect although very limited (mostly fix bugs and support).

So far all of my major open-source projects are .NET based. While I do contribute a little bit here and there to non-.NET projects, it’s not as much as I want to. My open-source focus in the upcoming period therefore will be around JavaScript and Objective-C.

Revisit Dynamic Event Handler in .NET

July 11th, 2012 Comments off

A while ago I blogged about how to build a catch-all handler for .NET events and delegates. That solution uses LCG to generate CIL for the dynamic delegate. The latest version of Fasterflect however uses Expression Trees to generate the dynamic delegate. So I thought I would post the new solution here for completeness.