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Training screen casts (in Vietnamese) about C#, ASP.NET MVC, LINQ and Combres

August 15th, 2011 7 comments

The series of MVC/C#/LINQ/Combres screen-casts (in Vietnamese) I produced for Microsoft Vietnam a while a go. Microsoft Vietnam recently allowed CiOne to distribute on their website so that everyone can access for free.

Overview of C# 4.0

November 13th, 2008 7 comments

Note: This article is also posted at The Code Project. Refer to this link. There are quite interesting discussions going on there.

The .NET framework 4.0 CTP has just been released and I think it’s a good time to explore the new features of C# 4.0. In this post, I will introduce about the following features: dynamic lookup, generics covariance and contravariance support, optional and named parameters.
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The 5 Types of Poor Architects

June 20th, 2008 21 comments

I have worked with so many architects in my career, including those who have the “Architect” word in their business card and those who play architect role in their projects. And while I had good fortune to meet very talented people, I am frequently disappointed by poor architects who put their ego, arrogance, fanaticism (and sometimes, ignorance) before anything else. Recalling the memories I have about the poor architects, I come up with the following grouping. Read more…

Object-oriented database programming with db4o – Part 2

March 26th, 2008 Comments off

Finally, I could manage some time writing up the follow-up post about other interesting features of db4o, specifically about client-server feature and transaction & concurrency support. You can read the article here:

This write-up also gives me a chance to learn about some cool new features of db4o 7.2 (currently development version) such as LINQ integration, transparent activation and transparent persistence. These are really big changes from the previous version I tried (6.3). Hope that I can find some time writing about all these features. But don’t wait for me though, just go ahead and try them yourself…

Unit testing the data access layer

September 30th, 2007 7 comments

Unit testing can be difficult sometimes. In some cases, you need to refactor your code-under-test to make it more testable; in other cases, you need to apply some special techniques into your test code so that it can do what you want; and in the worst cases, you can’t think of any such techniques nor are able to refactor the production code and thus, don’t write any test at all. It’s in my experience working with many teams applying unit testing that they often have troubles writing tests for the data access layer (DAL), UI layer, service interface layer, and multi-threading code, mostly because they are not aware of the techniques for doing that. That is not surprisingly difficult to understand though, business logic is much more intuitive and straight-forward to be tested and every single article or book out there will have examples writing test for the business logic firstly.

In this blog entry, I will explore some techniques of testing the data access layer. While it won’t be very comprehensive (I think an entire book can be written just to explore in details all facets of database unit testing), I hope there is enough of topics covered for you to explore more. Read more…

I am a dVP

September 19th, 2007 5 comments

I have just been recognized as a db4o Most Valued Professional (dVP) for the year 2008 and won a trip to Berlin next year to attend the ICOODB 2008 conference. It has always been a pleasure working with a great product like db4o and I surely enjoy this award.

BTW, to those who are expecting to see part 2 of my db4o article, I am a bit overwhelmed with other stuffs lately and could not have time to start working on it; but I’ll surely do that as soon as I can.

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When you learn new things, learn from books

August 19th, 2007 26 comments

I can hardly believe that there is any Java developer who never reads a Java book, or “agile developer” who never reads a book on XP, Scrum… Unfortunately, there are just so many many of those. In fact, many people I know/interview have very fundamental gaps in their knowledge and in most cases I discover that it is partly due to the fact that they never spend time learning things from books. Reasons provided often are: not enough time, internet resources are more than enough etc. In most situations, I don’t think it’s a good mindset to develop software. Read more…

The wrong attitude of learning on the job

June 6th, 2007 36 comments

I can’t tell you enough about how much surprised I was when some developers applying for senior .NET development position, when being interviewed by me, could not answer very fundamental questions about a specific technology or programming language as well as were not aware of any trends in the field. What I found out was that usually this had something to do with their attitude towards “learning on the job”. Read more…

Silverlight in action

April 18th, 2007 1 comment

Take a look at this Vista simulator, an Silverlight application. Isn’t it cool? (Okay, okay, Flash can do the same thing, but you have to admit that Silverlight is a new baby child, yet it can do really cool stuff like this one.)

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WPF/E, now Silverlight

April 17th, 2007 2 comments

The stuff previous known as WPF/E is now officially named Silverlight. Silverlight is supposed to be a direct competitor to Adobe’s Flash and Ajax-based applications.

A little bit disappointed with this official release since in their website, MS while repeatedly promoting the new mantra of Silverlight as a “cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering media experiences and rich interactive applications” (you will see this mantra appear a few dozen times in Silverlight website), says Silverlight will support “all major browsers on both Mac OS X and on Windows” and MS is “gathering feedback from customers to help determine which platforms should be supported in the future”. Funny, they even need feedbacks to know that without Linux they cannot claim anything as cross-platform.

Another disappointment is that currently the only language supported by Silverlight is JavaScript. Anyway, while the support for .NET languages like C#/VB.NET is highly expected, this item is not really a pain point to me.

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