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The 5 Types of Poor Architects

June 20th, 2008 21 comments

I have worked with so many architects in my career, including those who have the “Architect” word in their business card and those who play architect role in their projects. And while I had good fortune to meet very talented people, I am frequently disappointed by poor architects who put their ego, arrogance, fanaticism (and sometimes, ignorance) before anything else. Recalling the memories I have about the poor architects, I come up with the following grouping. Read more…

The Code is the Design

February 4th, 2007 13 comments

1. The Code is the Design

At university, most of us are taught that the development of a software should go through the following phases: requirement specification, design, construction (or coding), and testing.  By gathering system requirements (e.g. from the clients, market researches etc.), analysts would come up with a bunch of functional and supplementary requirement documents, use case model and specifications during the requirement specification phase.  Read more…